A Way To Be Social AND Active in the Summer

Last year a friend of mine came up with the idea to start a group that would meet every saturday during the summer and play sports. More specifically, sports none of us were any good at. She called it "I Suck At Sports" or ISAS for short. Each Saturday we would meet and play whichever sport she picked a few days prior, ranging from softball to dodgeball to flag football and so on. What this did was help us get outside on a consistent basis and actually get some exercise. I don't know about any OTHER writers out there, but I prefer to do my writing while sitting on the couch eating junk food! Not only did this make us more active, it also got us to meet new people and socialize. By the end of the summer, it became the time and place to catch up with friends and try to make new ones.

Well, as this summer winds down, I thought I would encourage you all to think about starting your own ISAS group in your own cities. It does take some effort to get started, but when you look back on the summer and see all the fun times you had with friends goofing around and the new people you've met, you'll find it was worth it.

I'm already anxious for next summer!


Anonymous said...

I like that idea, Jonathan! I don't know if I have enough local friends to really make it fly, but it might be fun to try. Maybe we could do, like, tennis. :)

Did she promote it outside her friend circle (like flyers at the local coffeeshop or something), or was everybody coming a friend of a friend in some way?

Amy said...

I am so down with that. See my post - I so very much suck at sports, and I blame my father.

Except it never stops raining here. I guess we could do indoor stuff, though?

Anonymous said...

don't forget to play ultimate frisbee (or at least frisbee golf)

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