Running a radio station off of an iPod AKA "Broadcasting from the western edge of America.......

.....Outlaw radio at it's finest."
I do a Music show on Saturday nights on our local community radio station. Each Friday night, I compile 3.3 hours of music of various genres from my obscenely large music collection and arrange it neatly into my play list. Each week is dramatically different than the week previous. It is a labor of love and one of the high points of not only my week, but of my life on the Mendocino coast. It is a blast!
The station is KNYO LP Fort Bragg 107.7, My DJ name is Jon Doe (a long story). Yes we do have a web stream but unfortunately it is not on all the time. The "LP" stands for "low power" radio - the type of FCC license we have. I am building a new site for the station to be launched in a few weeks. We run the radio station on $2200 a year, the whole thing is contained in a 24 foot trailer nestled in the Redwoods (our antenna is 75 feet up in a Redwood tree) in my friends Sean and Liz's back yard. We run the radio station like a pirate radio station (but with a FCC license).
I use iTunes to do my playlist and sync it to my iPod. Then I plug my iPod into the station's board and run my show off of it, works like a charm (you can see it sitting alongside Bob's PC in the second picture).
That is my friend Bob (AKA Capt. Crusty) pictured, he does a heavy rock show. Bob was one of the key folks that applied for and received the FCC license with the help of the Prometheus Radio Project (


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