Choosing Paint Colours

We moved last weekend, and we knew that 2 rooms would definitely need to be repainted; the dining room was a light pink, and the family room was a darker pinkish-salmon colour.

My wife and I ended up going over several swatches of paint, trying to pick something that would go with the existing furniture and the room space. We ended up choosing 2 colours; a light mocha, and a darker creamy chocolate.

The mocha colour was for above the chair rail in the family room, and the darker colour was for under the chair rail. The mocha also went into the dining room, from floor to ceiling.

In the colour swatch handouts, they had mock-rooms painted with these colours, which is how we'd come to choose our colour combination; it looks beautiful in the pictures... but somehow it didn't pan out in our family room; the 2 colours don't pop as much as we'd expected, and despite the colours being correct, I'm not sure what it is about the space that makes the colours seem meh.

I've not put up the chair rail that will divide the two colours yet, and we've not painted the baseboard white yet either... I just hope that once I've finished installing the chair rail and painting the trim-work a crisp white that the room looks as awesome as we'd intended; for now I remain skeptical.


Amy said...

I am in the throes of choosing paint colors myself. I think I have finally settled on harmonizing shades of white . . . everything looks different on the walls and against the tile that was here when I moved in that isn't exactly to my taste but that I can't justify replacing. I'm trying to find a metaphor for life out of this and failing. I hope it worked out for you!

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