That's it... I quit... I'm moving on.

So, I've decided to ditch my iPhone. The reasons were purely financial. It hit me that 10 months into contract I'll have spent $1000 just to have this toy. And it isn't like a computer where I'll be done paying for it. I get to keep paying... over and over to have the iPhone.

And what have I been paying for? Yes, I've used the data piece plenty because it was there. The voice minutes are just piling up though. It would be a nice gesture on AT&T's part if they would have a 200 minute voice plan for like $20 if you have the unlimited data plan. I know, I know... pipe dream.

In addition to the silly cost of keeping the device, there were service issues. The reception in my house is unreliable. I can watch it flicker from no bars to full 3G apparently at random while I'm sitting in the same spot. People were reporting getting my text messages hours later. Sometimes I would receive text messages hours later.

Finally, the hardware itself has some shortcomings: the poor camera and lack of SMS. Granted, the SMS business I knew about going in. The not so great camera was a surprise to me.

If I had sat down and been a bit more focused on reality instead of the dream, I would have realized that I used my phone mainly for texting and SMS. I like sending random picture messages to friends. I take pictures of the jewelry I make and send to flickr to keep track. I post to twitter. I did check my email on occasion. I look up addresses from time to time. I got my money's worth on my old Verizon plan. With the iPhone, I don't feel the same. For the most part, I feel as if I'm just giving money to AT&T as if they were a worthy charity.

In hindsight, I should have been more honest with myself about what I needed in a cell phone and been strong against the sweet seduction of "ZOMG INTERNETS IN MY POCKET!!".

My new LG enV Touch. Forgive the crappy picture, it was taken with the iPhone.


Patricia said...



also, you've made me think about how much money I spend on my phone and, girl, I dont appreciate that, at all. Warn someone next time when you're gonna hurl a bucket of ice cold reality in her face. seriously.

Mike said...

happy with my verizon bb curve.

Ed said...

I just came out of contract and decided to get something cheap-and-cheerful instead of the serious, and seriously expensive, iPhone. Ended up with the LG Renoir. It takes a decent photo:

I'm sitting at a computer all day, and a good chunk of most evenings. There just aren't that many times when I think: gee, I'd love to have a little computer in my pocket to play with right now.

Amy said...

Yolanda, you complete me.

I've been lusting after an iPhone since it came out. I can't afford it. You just convinced me that I don't want it any more.

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