Ice Cream Truck

We got a phone call tonight around 7:45pm... it was our neighbors from two doors down.

"Dean, hear that music? It's the Ice Cream Truck!"

Today was a long hot day, so I sprang to action. My wife actually bowled me over as she made a dash for the stairs. We both yelled for our 4 year old son to get up and come with us to catch the Ice Cream Truck.

We made it outside in record time, and we can hear the music but the truck is nowhere in sight! My wife strolls up ahead of the two of us, and as she widens the gap between us I hoist my son up on my shoulders - he's in his PJs and has no idea why he is not in bed, and knows something is up.

We got to the main street out of our neighborhood, and we still cannot see the truck, but we still can hear the music. We start hoofing it home, and we run into the neighbors that called us.

"Did you see where it went?"

"No...", I answered.

I was on a mission - my wife stopped to talk while my son and I made our way to our driveway. I noticed our neighbor's husband was but a few paces behind us, and he walked up his driveway and into his garage.

My son and I hopped into the car and backed out of the driveway, I was determined to find the truck. As I check over my shoulder I see my neighbor zoom down the driveway and down the road on his mountain bike. I catch up and silently we coordinate that he'll go one way, and I'll go the other.

We stopped and picked up my wife, and we rolled down the windows to follow the music... at first we did not hear it, but once we'd passed the park we could hear it in the distance.

And then we saw a grown man run out and across the street, be barely checked for traffic. He was definitely running for the ice cream truck.

We followed him down the lane way and into the adjacent neighborhood, we were right - he was in line for ice cream. As we looked around for my neighbor on his bike, I saw him veer into view. I waved and he gave the thumbs up; we'd tracked him down.

And was it worth the effort? As we all sat down on the curb to enjoy our treats, my son smiles with a chocolate halo around his mouth; he said thank you, no prompting required.

Was it worth it? It most certainly was.


Dead Silence said...

great story!

Gunny said...

VEry good story. My 6 year old can chase down a truck like a bloodhound after a prison escapee. :)

Tina (aka Tina) said...

LOL! I used to work in an office complex that was visited every week by the ice cream truck: adults would come pouring out of the doors like MAD everytime that truck pulled in!

T0m said...

we have an icecream van that visits the village - he plays his music but never stops though - that couldnt be true, but we we gave up chasing him . . :-)

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