10 Things

I have been a mom a week shy of three years. And this morning, as I tripped over the millionth toy car, I was thinking about the things that didn't happen to me before I had a child. So I have made a list of things that had a good chance of not happening before I had the toddler.

1. I never found a piece of cantaloupe wedged in the couch. Or a piece of French toast. Or a sausage link.

2. I never spent two hours trying to unscrew the battery compartment of a toy lawnmower. (And I never knew they really do make screwdrivers that small.)

3. I never cooked fifteen different dinners for someone until I finally found one they would eat.

4. I never listened to a Treehouse Kids CD until my ears bled.

5. I never could recite the movie Cars line by line. Or Wall E.

6. I never thought chicken nuggets were their own food group.

7. I never thought it was possible to have literally thousands of pictures of one person.

8. I never thought staying home on a Friday night for family movie night would be fun.

9. I never thought a two year old could lock me out of the house.

10. And finally, I never thought a child could bring me as much joy as my little guy. (Yes, I know this one is cliche. But it's true.)


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